Ownership Succession
Ownership Succession

A great deal of entrepreneurs finds themselves very preoccupied by the lack of competent candidates for an adequate succession of their companies. Faced with this issue, it is important to remain cautious in order to avoid hasty decisions that could later be regrettable.

One should keep in mind that a business withdrawal from the leader must result in an entirely satisfactory transaction.

Until succession has been confirmed, it is advisable that senior management be of the most discretion in order to maintain the trust of financiers, collaborators, employees, providers and clients.

Vachon Business Group understands how hard it is to ensure the right transition and to that effect, we have developed an effective strategy that leads to exceptional results. For more than thirty years, in the greatest confidentiality and discretion, our senior professionals have been suggesting good ideas and bright solutions to achieve what can sometimes seem impossible.
Our methods are unique and our results, guaranteed.

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