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The greater Quebec City area showcases exceptional business dynamics whether it is in the province of Quebec or in the rest of Canada. Enterprises from the area who wish to excel in local and worldwide markets must take on numeral challenges; very often complex ones.

Senior experts at Vachon Business Group, master these business challenges perfectly and wish to help your enterprise succeed. Tell us about your projects.

Our services are efficient.

Château FrontenacAt Vachon Business Group, we focus our expertise on well-defined business sectors that we master perfectly. Our specialists all have a great deal of experience acquired from within the enterprises themselves.

Our exceptional achievements in the field of business development, designing and promoting of real estate projects, business prospects and great opportunities highly showcase our flair for performance and efficiency.


Our services are efficient.

Sound management

We master the art of getting things done, of suggesting concrete actions that lead to real results. Reviewing an enterprise’s business practice allows for an actualization of management tools, a redefining of new  and more effective administrative measures, a growth in market shares and an augmentation of net profit.

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Promoter/Project developer

Vachon Business Group relies on a team that is highly experienced in commercial and real estate project development. Whether it be for expansion, strategic acquisition, the implantation of a new branch, relocation or other goals, our best resources are put forward at all times.

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Baribocraft™ Innovative kitchen products

The Gourmet Design™ division specializes in creating, innovating, manufacturing and commercializing kitchen products. Proud to be perpetuating a 87 year old tradition that is known worldwide, Baribocraft™ & Baribo-Maid™ accessories made of Canadian hardwood remain a reference in terms of products of exceptional quality.

Our highly talented craftsmen and designers are currently devoting themselves to new products.

Come back regularly to check for updates and get all the details.

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